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International Design Festival Berlin 09

International Design Festival Berlin 09

June 2009 saw the ZENDOME.showdome became a virtual playground for the visitors of the international festival 'Designsmai Youngsters' in Berlin. Inside the cupola neongrau feat. Intolight from Dresden invited the audience to transform real objects into projections and thus to become part of a multimedia experience.
By throwing coloured pearls into a specially built terminal digital three dimensional letters and words were created and their flight could be directed by virtual wind.

A second control panel let users navigate light beams which enveloped the entire geodesic space and could be altered actively concerning their number, width and colour selection.

This lighting spectacle was realised with a special lens by the Munich ZENDOME partner Sky Skan and played with the form of the impressive exterior cupola form language. This show featured the concept by the Bremen based agency '22quadrat', the winners of the ZENDOME design competition 'ZENDOME:creative times pi squared'.

What was experienced as a game for the design interested audience at the same time introduces new interactive possibilities for marketing: Wrap Marketing is the expression for the Trend inspired by ZENDOME which lets the audience immerse completely into 360° brand worlds recognizable from the outside. from Intolight on Vimeo.

Product Information:
ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition
Floor System

DMY 2009

We are very thankful for being able to use the hemispherical "film" Moonwalk 2007 (Preview for Moonwalk 2009). The lyrical story of the scientific and allegorical relationship between humanity and the moon by Claire T. Waite.

Further Information:
ZENDOME.kreativ mal Pi Quadrat
neongrau feat. intolight (only in German language)

The Partners:
BIERI ZELTAPLAN GmbH (only in German language)
EXPO Mietmöbel GmbH 
Gothaer Versicherungsbüro Erxleben (only in German language)
TREVISION Groß.Bild.Technik. GmbH

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