Annual Meeting World Economic Forum

Annual Meeting World Economic Forum

At the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum 2012 in Davos, Mexico presented itself to the world inside three geodesic domes by ZENDOME.

The responsible agency Company Baumgartner transformed the ZENDOME.30M into a President Office for the Mexican head of state where Felipe Calderón received guests for bilateral talks in a pleasant atmosphere.

Equipped with special interior such as bar, lounge, cube and conference room, the ZENDOME.150M was installed as a special business centre where ministers and other participants of the Mexican delegation held their meetings.

Just next door, the ZENDOME.300M posed as an impressive event dome. Different events such as press conferences, dinners and breakfast meetings were held here and also the Fiesta Méxicana with 500 guests as the high light.

Following the motto «The great transformation: Designing new models» all of 2600 leading people from economy, culture and politics discussed important topics such as health and environmental issues in January of 2012. 
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