MAN Utility Vehicle Group

MAN Utility Vehicle Group

MAN Family Day

MAN Family Day

Internal communication in a class of its own: the MAN utility vehicle group invited employees and their families to celebrate the 250th company anniversary together. The Munich based Marketing & PR agency MPA made sure that this MAN family day will be remembered as an extraordinary experience by around 18.000 visitors at the site in Salzgitter and 30.000 visitors in Munich.

The main elements of the concept for this spectacular event at the Munich and Salzgitter company grounds were realised with  ZENDOME.domescapes.

The interior of the ZENDOME.75M featured historical moments of the company history and different terminals offered entertaining possibilities to get information about the Global Player.

Behind a curtain the guests could dive into the air-conditioned 'Cine-MAN-Dome' featuring an impressive light show. The noble interior of the ZENDOME.150M let the visitors and their families enjoy an award winning '250-years-MAN' film. The history of the logo and impressions from the company – presented as a thrilling, emotion packed 3 side projection including music.

'The decision to realise our historical multi media show inside a ZENDOME has proven to be absolutely correct. The unusual buildings presented a perfect contrast to the accustomed company grounds and at the same time put the focus on our message 'Ideas are Future – 250 years MAN' also on the visual level', says Petra Griebel, CEO and project manager with MPA.

Also the people responsible for the project at MAN were thrilled after receiving so much positive feedback from their employees.
Apart from the geodesic domes, further locations offered company history, artists and performers, an entire beer garden, different musical acts and a child program for all ages making this a very successful day.

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MAN Utiliy Vehicle Group

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MAN Family Day

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