Muffatwerk Munich

Muffatwerk Munich

Crash Test Dummies

Crash Test Dummies

“The new European „I“ in the Bio political Crash Test” – under this working title the experimental assembly Crash Test Dummy examined new living and surviving strategies in cities between Mai and July of 2006.

ZENDOME functioned as sponsor and thereby supported the interdisciplinary project who’s creative manager was Dietmar Lupfert of the Muffatwerk in Munich.

Two ZENDOME.75B went on a journey to the European cities of Budapest, Prague, Ljubljana and Munich with a mix of exhibition, performance and happening.

For ten days at every stop the Crash Test Dummies combined architecture, performance, media art and classic art to a social multimedia sculpture in open spaces and confronted passers by with experimental art.

International artists, scientists and cultural centres discussed the forming of identity in an age of globalisation and constantly increasing surveillance.

ZENDOME provided the sensational exhibition space for video installations, discussions with artist and for films – and is very proud that, according to the critics, this art project has set new standards for “Art in Public”.

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