The classic ZENDOME with about 75m² of base size is predestined for spacious exhibitions, product presentations, catering use and all other events. Due to additional load capacity that the construction offers at its junction points, required technical equipment can easily be attached. No crossbeams or struts obstruct the view into the ZENDOME. All power cords can be invisibly run directly along the structure poles.

Technical Data

Exhibition Space74,8 m²
Diameter9,84 m
Height6,8 m
Circular Entries1 (3)
Upper Vents5
Mech. Ventilation Outlets1
Circular Windows5

Advanced Frame System**

Structure Weight

Steel powder coated RAL 9016; Disk, cicular entries: stainless steel powder coated RAL 9016
500 kg
Membrane Weight

PVC coated polyester-fabric: welded. 100% weather proofed, translucent and flame retardent: B1(DIN4102), M2
116 kg
WindloadBeaufort 12 (DIN 4112)

11 good reasons for ZENDOME - quality Made in Germany:


Time lapse:
Zendome.75 set up incl. heavy load floor-system

Making-of ZENDOME.150M (QuickTime Movie):
Small movie 4,8 MB
Medium movie 19,4 MB

Large movie 27,5 MB   

All information listed on left side are rounded approximations and may deviate due to varying materials or production processes!

Burda Music Night/ ClimeAid, Offenburg
Mach2 Health Event, Roadshow Germany
Nivea, Roadshow Austria
World of Events, Wiesbaden
Seedcamp, Austria
Röder Home Show
Fusion Festival, Laerz
Eine Netz Welt, Germany
L'Tur Ice Arena, Baden Baden 

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