ZENDOME wins the race

ZENDOME wins the race

With the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi in 2009, the Formula 1 took place at the Yas Marina Circuit in the United Arab Emirates for the first time. A grand premier supported by impressive ZENDOME.domescape.

Geodesic domes with a total of 1480 square meters provided a very special spatial experience at the corniche and on the grounds of the Emirate Palace.

Sebastian Vettel came in first after 55 rounds and 305 kilometres of a very challenging track. ZENDOME delighted the visitors of the fan area with quality and creativity made in Germany.

So much so that the German Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Klaus-Peter Brandes, needed to experience the 'Space for Ideas' himself. Brandes was more than impressed by the innovative potential of his homeland.

The geodesic cupola of the ZENDOME with an exhibition surface of about 1.000 sqm was talk of the town for over a month. Wicked Tents installed this ZENDOME together with the event agency Sian for Formula 1.

Absolute amazing and ready to build standards in the industry for a long period!

The decision for the original has again proven to be right. Quality and highest demands to the smallest detail can be found certainly and guaranteed only at the initiator of the idea, the original creator of the ZENDOME. To that fully agrees Thomas Roman, head in charge of the "Fachgruppe Textile Bautechnik beim BkTex" in an interview with Zelt&Co. about the topic „Close look at product piracy" (edition 02*2007, page 24, German only).

© ZENDOME 2009 Klaus-Peter Brandes, German Ambassador in Abu Dhabi, Alistair McDonald, Managing Director Wicked Tents, the Cultural Attaché of the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi, Susanne Yokisch, and Gordian Overschmidt, Managing Director of ZENDOME, (left to right).

ZENDOME.partners in the United Arab Emirates:
Wicked Tents

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Formel 1 Abu Dhabi
Yasalam F1 Fan Zone

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Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Abu Dhabi

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New: ZENDOME.1000



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