Due to the round form of the ZENDOME and the resulting non hierarchical geometry, the structures can be directed perfectly to the exact point of interest at the actual location. Ideal as a single Dome as well as part of a combination in an entire landscape (ZENDOME.domescapes) the ZENDOME will ensure your event to be an unforgettable one. Up to three separate round doorways offer unlimited variation possibilities. The high ceiling creates a vast and thus entirely new experience of space. A large panoramic window allows all guests to see inside or out at the site of the event.


More Information:
2D model to make your planning easier.

How to start:
Y-System to combine ZENDOME to ZENDOME.domescapes

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Mobile, safe and future oriented - that is fun event management: We are the only manufacturer of mobile event architecture to offer a planning tool in form of an IPhone / IPod application. 

Maschsee-Festival, Hanover
energy igloo, Davos - Switzerland
Gabidome, Munich - Germany
HSH Nordbank, Luxembourg

11 good reasons for ZENDOME - geodesic quality Made in Germany: