Geodesic Domes by ZENDOME

Technical data sheet home-edition including floor- and door-system, storage & logistics and extras:


ZENDOME.modular - Technical data sheet modular including floor- and door-system, storage & logistics and extras:






ZENDOME.modular package (PDF)                                                 




Planning Tool: ZENDOME.domescape (Release2.0 scale 1:200, tool to plan individual landscapes of geodesic domes):

ZENDOME.30M Planning (PDF)

ZENDOME.75M Planning (PDF)

ZENDOME.150M Planning (PDF)

ZENDOME.300M Planning (PDF)

ZENDOME.add-on Planning (PDF)

ZENDOME.30M to ZENDOME.300M planning package (PDF)

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Mobile, safe and future oriented - that is fun event management: We are the only manufacturer of mobile event architecture to offer a planning tool in form of an IPhone / IPod application.

Contact Event Planing software for geodesic space:

easyRAUM GmbH (including geodesic domes by ZENDOME)

pep EVENT® CAD-Architektur

Basic Model:

Build your own geodesic ZENDOME! 

Movies about geodesic domes set-up:

ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition set-up

ZENDOME.75M set-up (Heavy-load floor-system 1.0)

ZENDOME.150M (Coca Cola, red skin, branded)

ZENDOME.domescape (ZENDOME 30M|300M|30M - comments in German language)

ZENDOME.1000 (Barasti Beach Stadium, Dubai 2010)

ZENDOME.domescape (ZENDOME.500M | 300M | 300M | 300M | 300M | 75M) (Nordstream) 

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The modular system of the geodesic domes by ZENDOME (ZENDOME.30M up to ZENDOME.300M):

Unlimited/Boundless variations. Connect the geodesic domes to individual landscapes:

Sportive and mobile - the Concept-Dome. Dynamic high-quality cupolas for your sporting event:

Planning for special design. Size and form are matter of the planning:

Small and beautiful for home & garden: 
ZENDOME.20 Home-Edition

The structure system as supporting element of the geodesic structure. You can find the functioning and components at ZENDOME.advanced frame system (AFS)

Configuration and equipment of the membrane from windows to logistics you can find at ZENDOME.membrane

Products for anchoring with or without heavy-load floor-system. Accesses and further accessory characteristics you can find at ZENDOME.floorsystem

Extras for your ZENDOME you can find at the section ZENDOME.extras

Service right from the beginning: from planning to construction is presented at ZENDOME.service

Fancy and useful items you can find at ZENDOME.shop

11good reasons for ZENDOME - quality Made in Germany:

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